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Incognito is exit scamming and Nemesis Market has been seized by law enforcement. See our Subdread for more details.

Top 5 Markets:

R = Rotating mirror site (clearnet)

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features PGP
XMR Walletless pay, Autowithdraw, Deadpool
BTC, XMR Multisig support
BTC, XMR Walletless pay, Auto dispute resolution
XMR Accountless ordering, Walletless pay, Jabberbot, FE disputes, Autowithdraw

Challenger 5 Markets:

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features PGP
XMR Walletless pay, Mandatory PGP 2FA
BTC, LTC, XMR Walletless pay
BTC, XMR CANADA ONLY - Autoshop, Sports Betting
XMR Walletless pay, Auctions, Crowdfunding

Other markets:

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features PGP
WARNING: Suspected exit scam in progress.
XMR Mandatory PGP 2FA, Jabberbot, Autowithdraw, Cashback Scheme
XMR Autowithdraw, Jabberbot
BTC, XMR Walletless pay
BTC, XMR Ghost mode, Walletless Pay, Autowithdraw, Feeds
BTC, ZEC Multisig support

Useful resources:

Site (Link) Description
Largest forum for darknet discussions.
Instant cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Monero.
German darknet forum created in collaboration with Polish community 'Cebulka', featuring PGP auth and encrypted private messages.
Database of vendor information from current and historic markets.
Detailed information on how to stay safe when shopping on the dark web.
Detailed information about different strains of cannabis, magic mushrooms and other natural psychoactives.
Support forum to provide an open and safe discussion space for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or recovering from suicide.
Download eBooks, Videos, Images and Audiobooks for free from a huge digital library.
Open-source darknet based wikipedia featuring articles about tor related services, stories, arrests etc.
Security, hacking and technology blog by engineer and cyber security consultant, Hoek.
Twitter (X) style site for the darknet.
Detailed drug safety manual covering many different substance classes. Note - this is a PDF download.
Escrow service provided by SuperMarket for facilitating transactions between two parties.
Darknet automated and anonymous escrow service.
Tor image uploading service (no account required).
Free and anonymous image hosting over Tor.