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Top 5 Markets:

R = Rotating mirror site (clearnet)

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features
BTC, XMR Walletless pay
XMR Walletless pay, Autowithdraw, Deadpool
BTC, LTC, XMR, ZEC Walletless pay, Autowithdraw
BTC, LTC, XMR Walletless pay, Autowithdraw
BTC, XMR Loyalty programme, Crypto exchange

Challenger 5 Markets:

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features
BTC, XMR Multisig support, Walletless pay, Crypto exchange
BTC, XMR Walletless pay

Other markets:

Market (Primary Link) Mirrors Cryptos supported Features
XMR Mandatory PGP 2FA, Jabberbot, Autowithdraw, Cashback Scheme
BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, XMR Walletless pay, Loyalty programme, Live chat, Tele-vend, Multisig support
BTC, LTC, XMR Autoshop, Crypto exchange
BTC, LTC, XMR Autowithdraw, Mandatory PGP 2FA
XMR Walletless pay, Jabberbot, Autowithdraw, 2faCheckout
XMR Walletless pay, Multisig support, Jabberbot
XMR Walletless pay, Auctions, Crowdfunding

Useful resources:

Site (Link) Description
Largest forum for DarkNet discussions.
Database of vendor information from current and historic markets.
Instant cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Monero.
Detailed information on how to stay safe when shopping on the dark web.
Harm reduction focused DarkNet discussion forum running since 2014.
Detailed information about different strains of cannabis, magic mushrooms and other natural psychoactives.
DarkNet discussion forum, from the team behind Incognito Market.
Anonymous Tor based chatroom that works without javascript. No registration needed.
Support forum to provide an open and safe discussion space for those experiencing suicidal thoughts or recovering from suicide.