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Vendor Stores:

Site (Link) Description
Dutch vendor of cocaine, heroin, ketamine, LSD, DMT and MDMA. Shipping worldwide.
German vendor of Cannabis, Shrooms, Opium and stimulants shipping to EU and WW.
Vendor of steroids, sarms, and peptides shipping worldwide. All major cryptos accepted.
Worldwide producer and supplier of LSD (bulk only).
Dutch vendor shipping a wide range of products worldwide including MDMA, Cannabis and Benzos.
US seller of DMT and THC carts and accessories.
US seller of Benzos, 2C-B and Ketamine. USA domestic delivery only.
French vendor of cannabis products, LSD, mushrooms, stimulants and pharmaceuticals (French language).
Weed, hashish and concentrates vendor shipping across most of Europe.
European wholesaler of cocaine, ketamine, speed, LSD, MDMA and ecstasy.
Dutch vendor of Oxycone, cannabis products and LSD.
Established pharmaceutical vendor offering a wide range of precription and recreational drugs across many countries.
Established vendor shipping a range of psychedelics, stimulants, benzos and opiates from Germany and Australia.